Hypnotherapy as a business

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After 22 years of active hypnotherapy practice, I am slowly completing my therapeutic work and leave it to my students.
It is time for the younger generation. However, I continue to devote myself to teaching hypnotherapy.
Over the years, I have gained an enormous amount of therapeutic and business experience and now pass it on to new generations of therapists.
I notice that some find it a little difficult to be in the business world. Regardless of whether performing therapy is noble work, it is fundamentally a business. From renting an office, writing invoices, and paying taxes. The word "thank you" has not yet paid the bills.
I have a lot of advice, but most therapists probably have problems with email marketing. According to my research, over 80% of therapists
do not use email marketing at all. Those who use it, however, are usually inappropriate. Therapeutic work is quite specific. Be it hypnotherapy, massage, or chiropractic. Most people would like to get to know the therapist a little more before deciding to visit. Email marketing is ideal for this.
Through appropriate emails, the customer can get to know us better. As far as I have been able to discover, the failure to use email marketing is mostly a technical problem because it is necessary to intervene on the site.
To a lesser extent, however, it is the therapist's laziness because he cannot deal with it. I went through both stages alone.
This is why my team and I started developing an Internet program years ago, which also included email marketing. The program aims to promote small business sales and with it, you can create sales pages, application forms, split test analysis, etc. However, due to our needs, we have also added a tool to send emails easily.
If you still don't have the ability to email your customers or you have a free version that limits you, I highly recommend that you invest in our purpose-built software. You will be able to send e-mails without any restrictions. Since we have developed the program ourselves, we offer you a solution in the form of "made for you".
You will not have to face technical problems. We will prepare everything for us. We just need 15-20 emails written by you. Your customers will receive these emails systematically throughout the year.
Of course, you can change the emails or add them as you wish. However, if you wish to inform your attendees about an event or workshop in progress, log into the online application with your password and email your lists with just a few clicks.
For those who have multiple websites, the program allows you to collect emails separately on 5 different websites.
Setting up the program will cost you 100 euros.
Annual maintenance, in order for everything to go well, costs 50 euros. You will get several new clients per year and easily cover this investment.

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